The South West is the appropriate home for the beautifully evocative, languid and lush music of The People’s String Foundation. Theirs is unfamiliar territory, scaling the heights of jazz, hip-hop beat-work, Middle Eastern melodies- performed with an eye toward experimentation and nods toward the avant-garde. Essentially the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and jazz singer Ben Sutcliffe and world blues guitarist Zaid Al-Rikabi the duo combine to wonderful songwriting effect.  But it’s in their live performances, enlisting the assistance of a troupe of inspired musicians that they shine brightest.
The writing partnership between Sutcliffe and Al-Rikabi has been through many different phases, showcasing themselves with original musical scores for Rogue Theatre, the Bish Bash Bosh Theatre Company and independent films.

The debut album 'MAKING WAVES' is a concept album with various styles of Roots and Modern influences glued together with an intricate and expressive violin section. The result is the story/fable of a single wave (made from a falling leaf) and it's journey towards the sea. The Peoples String Foundation is inspired; by the people they meet, the experiences of life on the road, and the global theatre of the present day.

The People’s String Foundation are a true community. Their live band changes and flows depending on when and where they are at that moment, but these are songs built for recital and reinterpretation. Respected drum impresario Barnaby Ray, of Backbeat Sound System and the Barnaby Ray Quartet- performs stand-in drums for the band's album. During live performances, the band includes Falmouth virtuoso Lukas Drinkwater, local fiddler-extraordinaire Clare Tomlinson, and features the pristine and effortless beats of Harry Harding on drums. Clare's earthy and spiritual gypsy-jazz violin work contrasts majestically with Ben's more classical upbringing- lending the arrangements a sense of the fantastic and grandiose.

Their memorable live shows encompass the very uniqueness of 'that moment, that gig'. The band have continued to perform extensively throughout the UK. Highlights so far have included tours on the Chai Wallahs festival stage circuit in 2010, treating festival audiences country-wide to their folksy, jazz, beat-infused music. The People's String Foundation will be touring again with Chai Wallahs in 2011, and playing the Diplomats of Sound stage across the UK festival circuit.

THE PEOPLES STRING FOUNDATION …urban roots orchestra...

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‘Making Waves’

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