The Mother Ukers are a three piece ukulele band based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Using ukuleles of all shapes and sizes they take you on a musical journey through time and space. The band take on modern day classics with their ukuleles and forge them into timeless wonders of a bygone era with the power of

‘Ukular Fusion’, mixing up sounds captured in the minds of mortals from over a hundred years to create their unique sound.

Well known songs with flavours of modern pop, punk, classic rock, swinging sixties and fabulous fifty's are blended together and marinated with the melodies and rhythms from the roaring 20’s, seasoned with a touch of

swamp grass blues, all tossed together with a side salad of comedy and original material for your aural pleasure.

The Mother Ukers have recently self released their debut album ‘UKULAR BOMB’ which is available on i tunes.

A selection of popular ditty's that have been baked in a 'Ukular Furnace' of four string fire. The release also includes an original track 'Lucifer' and they hope to be releasing another album shortly.

When the Mother Ukers unleash the power of their humble little four string uke’s they are guaranteed to tickle your ears, kiss your soul, & get them feet a tapping!

The pioneers of ‘Ukular Fusion’ are a unique and memorable ukulele act and perform at a variety of events / venues ranging from clubs, bars, pubs and festivals to weddings, corporate events and private parties to all over the country.

MOTHER UKERS …pioneers of ukular fusion...
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Featured tracks taken from

‘Ukular Bomb’