‘Tukka Dawn’

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John Thorpe is a solo didgeridoo artist whose lively and eclectic sound is inspired by living in Cornwall and reflects his interest in traditional Australian music and western contemporary dance music.
John is a first rate player and offers something different -  armed with a complete sound of ‘acoustic stomp’, Drums, Shakers, Clapsticks, Mouth harp and Didge, his music is original and entertaining.

John has released three albums and played several bars, festivals, charity gigs, weddings, healing centres and other events.  He has performed at UK didge and world music festivals - Singing Sticks (Northhampton), The Gathering (Devon) and The Rhythm Tree festival (Isle of Wight), among bands and figures such as Baka Beyond, Kangaroo Moon, Charlie McMahon, Philip Henry...  He has also played other festivals - Ivy Live (Devon), Looe Music festival (Looe), Holifair (Gweek) and performed twice on BBC radio.

John has been playing for over 12 years and crafts his own didgeridoos, tuning them to the precise sound he wants. His versatile style and emotional feel enable him to create colourful soundscapes and various grooves - setting the stage for that ambient back drop or performing upbeat rhythms for those who want to get their dancing shoes on!

JOHN THORPE …one man soundscapes...